Vismo Sponsorships

We carefully select the teams and contractors we partner with. For us it’s incredibly important that they truly fit with our important values. Because once we start working together, they are part of our family. We work intensively together to push the development of safety footwear further and further. They challenge us, and we challenge them. Which in the end results in new technologies that become available for contractors all over the world.

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Paul Lemiski

Living in the beautiful country side of Acton, Ontario, Canada 45 minutes north west of Toronto. He starts each day with his morning coffee enjoying his short walk to the workshop. he spends early mornings and late nights designing and building custom one of a kind furniture and loves every minute of it.

“My goal is to be recognized as a skilled craftsman, for my chairs to stand the test of time, to be proudly passed down through the generations, and for my hands to be trusted to capture the timeless and unique character of wood.” 



Nick Aitchison

DrywallNation was founded in 2014 by Nick Aitchison and Brian Kitchen. Both of whom had been in the drywall and taping trade from a young age. They wanted to create a place to showcase themselves as well as other tradesmen from around the world. They started putting out pictures and videos of themselves in action using the newest tools and techniques, as well as showing the best of the best from from around the world. In early 2018 Brian moved on to pursue other interests, but Nick is keeping the dream alive. With over 200k followers across his social media platforms DrywallNation doesn’t show any sign of slowing down. 

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How to get sponsored by vismo

We proactively seek contractors who have the spirit of revolution and represent the Vismo brand. While we appreciate your love of the trades and interest in Vismo, we don't accept unsolicited sponsorship requests.